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Anything can happen if you just believe. #firsttime #bridesmaid #wedding




Sarah Jessica Parker Makes

Appearance at Nordstrom in


Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images for Nordstrom

Sarah Jessica Parker wasted no time getting to know her fans at Nordstrom in Houston during a recent public appearance. Before ever setting foot in the shoe department, the accessories designer and actress worked the phones, picking up calls from customers, eliciting everything from stunned silence to astonished screams on the other end of the line. For More


Emilio de la Morena Resort 2015

Photo by Stephen Sullivan

Sisters cousin. Love you all so much. Dress by Deepika Kirpalani. #red #dress #gown #mint #gold #concept #fashion #wedding #danielngrace #danielngracewedding #eveningdress (at Intercontinental Hotel)

All dressed up in love. #red #gown #inspired #by #zuhairmurad #leg #ruffled #fashion #danielngracewedding #danielngrace #decoration #wedding (at Intercontinental Hotel)

Happiness is everywhere. #DanielnGraceWedding

Sarah Jessica Parker in Ralph Lauren. Sarah Jessica Parker in Ralph Lauren. The style-setter transformed a simple baby-doll dress into a look  look with the help of a fitted blazer and bold stilettos.

Outfit of the Day : Melissa in Nami Island

Happy August! 

I know, it’s still July 31st, but what’s the different anyway? Time flies so fast in a blink of an eye. On today’s post, I would like to post ‘Outfit of the Day’ features Melissa Santoso, my senior at work. 

She’s wearing vintage red hat, Karen & Chloe bag and flat shoes. The picture is taken in Nami Island, South Korea. She went there last May on long vacation with her sister. 

The view is amazing! If you are K-Pop lovers, of course you will visit this place, right? Love her style. Simple but classy. 

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