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Photograph taken on September 25, 1996. Princess Diana dancing with Oscar de la Renta at a Gala in Washington D.C.

Happy 82nd Birthday, Mr. Óscar Arístides de la Renta Fiallo. I fell in love with his collections since 2006!

How to describe Mr. de la Renta? Let me just quote Anna Wintour, “Everything Oscar does is feminine, romantic, and appropriate.”

“King of Evening!” Vogue declared him in 1975. “Nobody makes a woman feel more like a woman at night.”

The picture somehow describe it. Today I’ll post some of my favorite Mr. de la Renta’s. #happybirthday #oscardelarenta #designer #ladydiana #princessdiana #gown #american #dominican

To most eyes, Zuhair Murad’s interpretation might seem tenuous; dresses generally adhered to classic cocktail or gala silhouettes, with an occasional angular bustline, displaced hemline, or enhaced-volume overskirt.

But look closely at the surface detail and you could see how the stretched, encrusted wave patterns expressed a certain neo-futurist-edge. Especially when you rendered in black, white and silver.

Remind me of Angelina Jolie’s famous leg pose at Oscar 2012.
Which one your favorite?
#zuhairmurad #couture #collection #hautecouture #highfashion #fashion #gown #inspired #nightgown


Raf Simons once again chose old school mate Willy Vandeperre to shoot Julia Nobis, Fei Fei Sun, Helena Severin and Kasia Jujeczka for Dior’s A/W 2014 campaign. 

Did you ever try steamed brownies? Well, normally we prepare brownies in the oven like other cake. But, now you can try a new kind of brownie! Yes, it’s steamed brownie!

What’s the difference between baked brownie and steamed brownie? Steam brownie is not as dried as baked brownie.

Love the Steamed Triple Choco Brownie and Strawberry Brownie from ‘The Cake Delight’ @andrysurya_d

I can still taste the richness of the chocolate and due to the steaming process. The cake is soft, moist, and utterly chocolate-delicious. It creates the distinctive chocolate fudge in the middle.

This homemade version tastes so much better than store-bought ones! Fresh strawberries and pure dark chocolate is the main reason. Perfect in color, texture, fragrant, taste just everything was right.

This cake is chocoholic delight because the taste is chocolate rich.

P.S. Imagine the moist of chocolate brownie and chocolate sprinkles on top. Perfect for tea time or hang out with your friends. Merci beaucoup, ‘The Cake Delight’ @andrysurya_d for the brownie. I’ll order it again for my family, they love it!
#brownies #brownie #homemade #chocolate #strawberry #moist #steamed #dessert #thecakedelight

I know, I know, this trend is so last season. Who needs all that extra fabric around the hips? You see, the right peplum can actually make you look thinner and get a ladylike look. Just follow these rules:

1. Choose a soft material in a silhouette that isn’t too extreme, so the look is more modern.

2. Whatever you wear below the pouf should be streamlined: a pencil skirt or tapered pants.

3. Accessories should contrast with the ladylike vibe—choose an edgy metallic clutch or a bright stiletto.

Mint is everywhere! 👠👗
#peplum #style #pants #skirt #stiletto #mint #white #fashion #styling #tips #pastel #color #mint

Daywear? Elie Saab has a ready-to-wear collection for that. At his Couture show today he was focused exclusively on after-dark.

Amid the tone-on-tone embroideries and the ombré effects, a sweeping ball gown in pink with tiny blue embroidery stood out. So did a couple of dresses that featured a lavish rose print. For one thing, it’s a whole lighter than pearls.

Expect one of these gems to sashay along a red carpet soon.
#eliesaab #embroidery #nightgown #hautecouture #longsleeve #princessgown #gown #delicate #strapless #cocktail

Hello, Paris Haute Couture Week! Yes, it’s time for Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. This time two beautiful actresses who I admire caught my eyes at Dior!

Emma Watson wearing donning a dark-ink-blue and white embroidered silk dress with a unique silhouette and structure you would expect from couture piece. The striking look was styled with white Dior pumps with a white strap, and black Dior clutch. Her quirky shoes featured a cut-out wedge heel and looked as though they would have tested the balance of supermodel. 😍

As for Marion Cotillard (my favorite French actress!), she wore a Resort 2014 black top with fold-over detail and printed silk-scarf panel paired with high waisted skirt. Simple with Dior pumps and a Miss Dior bag. A red pumps next time perhaps, Ms. Cotillard? 😍👠

#paris #couture #emmawatson #marrioncotillard #frontrow #dior #missdior #highfashion #fashion

Collection from Madrid based-label Delpozo, RTW Fall 2013. I imagined Kevin Doyle said, “The bride wore a red dress that will spark the groom’s eyes as showered with the flower rose petals.”

I think the floral carpet explains the scene. Well, front row never hurt. I’ve been there, done that.
#highfashion #delpozo #red #gown #with #train #rtw #runway

What a bright moon! Last time I saw the full moon was when I was heading out to have dinner with Elisa, Andry, and William in Kuta. It’s a month already, how the time flies!

What about the picture above then? This picture was taken at Pandawa Beach, Badung, Bali. Never heard of it? Well, most of us know of the usual places beaches like Dreamland or Kuta Beach, but another more beautiful yet less heard of beach exists, by the name of Pandawa. Often referred to as the Secret Beach, Pandawa is located in the village of Kutuh in Southern Bali.

Concealed behind high cliffs and overgrown shrubbery, Pandawa beach had long remained secluded from the crowds of tourists, due to the less-than-easy path that had to be taken to access it.
Over the last few years, seeing the potential held in the beach’s majestic and pristine beauty, the Badung Regency Administration opened about 1.5 kilometers of access roads. This beautiful road to a hidden paradise is indeed one of a kind, cut between rugged limestone cliffs that rise on either side.
As you near Pandawa, you will be greeted by five statues carved into the cliffs beside you: Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa. These are the Panca Pandawa, five brothers who are characters in the shadow puppet theater, from which the beach takes its name.
With towering cliffs on either side of the drive, not much else can be seen along the coastal road, until it finally opens out to the beach itself. And when it does, its spellbinding beauty is unquestionable. Seemingly endless stretches of pure white sand span from one end to another. The clear blue water heaves with the swell of the ocean in hypnotic rolling waves, until the sea meets the sky. The magnificent cliffs that once served as the walls that hid the secret beach now stand guard, keeping watch over all who enter.

From left to right, William, me, Andry and Elisa. We were imitating Nakula’s statue. Nakula is said to be the most handsome among Panca Pandawa brothers. What a happy day!

#pandawa #beach #bali #nakula #statue #treasure #moment #happy (at Pandawa Beach, Bali)

"Love it! You chose well, I like the fabric. Casual but still look neat." said my brother.

I just bought him a shirt, this time I bought him a navy colour with stripes. Before this, I bought him white shirt with blue stripes. Thanks to @cottonandf_id for the shirt!

I love the quality, the color and the fabric! You rock! Can’t wait for the latest collection, because I’ll order it again. Timely delivery and thanks for the note!

P.S. I read that you have a Ramadhan promo, oh Gosh, maybe it’s time for me to fill in my closet with the ladies collection, @cottonandf_id #shirt #polo #brother #men #collection #fashion #cottonandfolks

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